Rogue River Thrill Seeker

Rogue River Thrill Seeker Trip Summary

The Rogue River Thrill seeker combines whitewater standup paddle boarding with class IV whitewater rafting.  Spend the morning gaining your balance while you standup paddle through the mostly class I and class II scenic section of the Rogue at the base of the Table Rock mountains.  This area is known for it’s scenery and wildlife while having just enough whitewater to make it a perfect Standup paddle trip.  The morning Standup Paddle session includes a riverside lunch and some time in the afternoon playing in some larger waves and hopefully doing a little surfing.

Then after lunch the group of Standup Paddlers meets up with the rafts and switches over to more whitewater worthy crafts. Get ready for an exciting afternoon spending time surfing the rafts and then moving down into the two largest rapids commercially run on the Rogue River.  Nugget Falls and Powerhouse will get your adrenaline pumping and are sure to get soaked.  We stop for an afternoon snack after the first class IV to relax at the base of the falls and to prepare the group for the big falls at the end.  If you are looking for a thrilling Rogue River day with a  variety of river experiences the Rogue River Thrill Seeker is the trip you are looking for.

Rogue River Thrill Seeker Trip Itinerary

Trip Logistics Overview


Meeting Location:

We meet at the Gold Hill Sports Park at 10:30 am.  The Gold Hill Sports Park is located at approx.

14745 Sams Valley Hwy
Gold Hill, OR 97525
There is a $3 day use parking fee to park your car.
You can also meet at our store in Merlin Oregon at 10:00 AM. Our store is located at:
210 Merlin Rd.
Merlin, OR. 97532

Includes: SUP equipment, riverside picnic lunch, guided tour, rafting trip, afternoon snack.

When we pick you up at the Gold Hill Sports Park everyone will load into the van. From there it is a 15 minute drive up river to where the trip starts.  At the end of the day we will float back to the park where your car is.  When we arrive at the TouVelle Park you will be introduced to your equipment and geared up with the proper board, helmet, PFD, and paddle.  On cold days or by request we will provide wetsuits and splash tops.  After a brief but thorough orientation the group will hit the river and begin paddling downstream.  The first hour and half is extremely scenic floating past the flanks of the mighty table rocks and luscious green vegetation.  It is not uncommon to see deer, eagles, osprey, turtles, and heron on this section.  This early section also provides a wonderful opportunity to find your balance on our beginner friendly standup paddle boards.

After everyone has built up an appetite the group will find somewhere to enjoy a riverside lunch. Lunch will include all the trimmings for a wonderful sandwich and salad option with snacks on the side.  We can meet almost any dietary restriction or need with prior notice so just let us know what you need.

After we fill our bellies and have a little rest the float continues through an old dam site where the century old Gold Ray Dam stood until its removal just a few years back.  Floating through here the guide will point out the powerful restoration the Rogue River has undergone as a result of this removal in only a few years.

Now in the final stretch above the takeout we get into some waves and those who want can try and catch some waves and surf the boards before we arrive at Fishers Ferry where the group switches over to the rafts.  After putting the boards on the trailer the guide will give a thorough paddling orientation for the rafts.

When everyone has re-applied some sunscreen the group will load into the paddle rafts and head downstream. A great feature to this run is that it builds in difficulty such that the group starts off with several class I and II rapids to practice their paddling skills before getting to the first class III rapids. As the group floats through this initial section you can expect to see great wildlife, including bald eagles, osprey, and deer.

After about an hour the rafts arrive at Lineman’s Hole, where the raft surfing begins. After splashing through the rapid we will pull into the eddy next to this famous Rogue River kayaking spot. If there are any kayakers, we will hop in line and watch them try to surf and do some tricks while we wait for our chance to get onto the wave and hang ten. Surfing a raft is much like it sounds: we will aim upstream, paddle the raft out into the current and try to catch the surfing wave. If we do it right, the people in the front will get very wet and will be able to sit on the wave in the middle of the rapid without paddling. It is a very unique and fun feeling.

Once the group is thoroughly wet and ready to hit some big waves we will float down stream to our first class IV rapids, Nugget Falls. At Nugget Falls the riverbed squeezes the flow of current into a narrow chute where the raft is forced to navigate the “Monkeys Fist” and two LARGE holes. Hold on tight this is always an adventure. Assuming the group is all still in the boat and the boat is bottom down we then pull over and enjoy a quick snack riverside. This is a great spot for family pictures in front of your first class IV waterfall.

After snacks, it’s back to the boat where we soak in some sunshine as we float the final flat section above our second class IV, Ti’Lomikh Falls (formerly known as Powerhouse Falls).  At Ti’Lomikh the team will navigate some rocks and drop over a bouncy ledge into the top pool before making a turn and dropping over the bottom 8-10 foot pour-over into the bottom pool. After Ti’Lomikh you’re sure to have a smile on your face as we float to the boat ramp, vans, and the end of your Rogue River rafting trip.  If you met us in Gold Hill your car is waiting for you at the top of the boat ramp.  If you met us in Merlin we will load up in the van and return to our shop and your car.

Travel Information for the Rogue River Thrill Seeker

Where to Meet Orange Torpedo Trips

We meet at the Gold Hill Sports Park at 10:30 am.  The Gold Hill Sports Park is located at approx.

14745 Sams Valley Hwy
Gold Hill, OR 97525
There is a $3 day use parking fee to park your car.
You can also meet at our store in Merlin Oregon at 9:45 AM. Our store is located at:
210 Merlin Rd.



Camping options exist all over. The closest to this specific trip is Valley of the Rogue State Park

Flying In

The closest commercial airport is in Medford, Oregon (airport code MFR)

Typical Weather

Southern Oregon is known for our wonderful summertime weather.

Averages are:

  • May · High (F) 73 Low (F) 46 - Avg. rainfall 1.31 in
  • June · High (F) 82 Low (F) 52 - Avg. rainfall 0.62 in
  • July · High (F) 91 Low (F) 57 - Avg. rainfall 0.28 in
  • August · High (F) 91 Low (F) 57 - Avg. rainfall 0.4 in
  • September · High (F) 84 Low (F) 50 - Avg. rainfall 0.57 in

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do boats flip on this trip?

    Rivers by nature are dynamic environments and class IV rapids are rated at that difficulty for a reason.  It’s extremely rare, but rafts have flipped on this trip and it’s virtually impossibly to guarantee that it will not happen.

  • Q: Gratuity, is it common to give tips and how much?

    Gratuity is certainly appreciated but by no means required. At the conclusion of a trip please just give any gratuity to the head guide who will divide it evenly among the crew.

  • Q: What is the youngest age of kids you take on this trip?

    Due to the dynamic nature of class IV whitewater we generally do not take kids under eight years old on this trip

Rogue River Thrill Seeker Trip Rates/Dates

2017 Thrill Seeker


  • Adult: - $129
  • Youth: - $115

Trip Start Dates:

  • Trips run daily - May 1-Sept 15

Rogue River Thrill Seeker Trip Packing List

You don’t need much for these day trips, but these are the things you certainly DO want.

What to pack

  • Swimwear (Non-Cotton)
  • Water Shoes or sports sandals (Flip Flops are not ideal)
  • Water bottle (1-liter min and attachable to board.)
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with chums/croakies