Salmon River Raft Rentals Riggins Idaho

Our 14ft self-bailing rafts are the perfect craft for your group looking to do some whitewater rafting on the classic river stretch near Riggins.  These boats comfortably fit up to 7 while still having some left over space for your cooler.  We also rent our custom designed inflatable kayaks, built by world famous raft manufacturer, SOTAR CUSTOM INFLATABLES.

Boat Rentals

Sotar Inflatable Kayak SR

$35 per day

  • Ideal Number of People: 1
    • Equipment Included:
    • Basic Package: $35 | Full Package $50
    • Inflatable Kayak
    • Seat
    • Paddle
    • PFD
    • Optional helmet
    • Optional Splash Gear (Full Package Only)
    • Optional Wetsuit (Full Package Only)
    • Drop-off/Pick-up of people and equipment (Full Package only)

Paddle Raft SR

$105 per day

  • Ideal Number of People: 7
    • Equipment Included:
    • Self Bailing Raft
    • Paddle Raft Paddles
    • PFD's for each person
    • Throw Rope
    • Optional Helmets
    • Optional Splash Gear (Full Only)
    • Optional Wetsuit (Full Only)
    • Drop-off/pick-up of up to 8 people and equipment (Full only)