Orange Torpedo Rafting Trips Difference

At Orange Torpedo Trips we have always looked at things a little differently. In the late 1960s, when everyone else said guided whitewater inflatable kayaking was foolish, we said it was the safe new way to adventure, providing a superior guest experience, and now most rafting companies offer some form of it. The difference with OTT inflatable kayaking is, now, as it was then, we have guides in inflatable kayaks teaching you how to paddle and making sure you navigate all rapids safely. This unique style of inflatable kayaking provides both a guide and guest experience you just can’t get anywhere else. This led to Orange Torpedo Trips feeling like a family with long-time guests and guides returning year after year. On every trip the chances are that either a guide or a guest on the trip has been running the rivers of the world with Orange Torpedo Trips for 20 to 40 years.

Differences at a glance:

  1. Inflatable kayaking experts: We focus on inflatable kayaking, but we also offer oared and paddle rafts.
  2. We have guides in inflatable kayaks. This is unique to us and means you have a safer and more confident experience. Our guides offer hands-on instruction, and if you happen to fall out of your inflatable kayak, our guides are ready to pick you out of the water, usually within a few seconds. This river-running freedom with a large safety net is what keeps nearly 80% our customers coming back.
  3. After a vacation with us, you not only go home relaxed, you go home feeling as if you’ve accomplished something. You came, learned a skill and challenged yourself, and you get to go home with a video and photos to brag about your accomplishments with. This is something unique to us, making this vacation extra-special.
  4. At a typical 3:1 guide to guest ratio we have one of the higher ratio’s in the industry.

The majority of our guides are teachers in the winters and guides in the summer. Having guides with consistent off-season professions means we have the same guides every year. Having teachers means we have guides who specialize in working with kids. Our guides come back because they are passionate about what they are doing and who they are doing it with.