Request a Donation from Orange Torpedo Trips

Orange Torpedo Trips has a rich history of community participation and supporting our local non-profit organizations.  We have supported organizations in our local community in a number of ways from supplying rafts and guides to river cleanups to helping offset the costs of our commercial trips for the Boy Scouts. One common way for us to support organizations (like the Boys and Girls Club of Grants Pass) is to donate a trip or raft rental to a live auction.   If you have a live auction coming up or event you thing we could participate in please just let us know.

We wish we could support every organization that asks for a donation but unfortunately we cannot.  To help limit the requests to the ones we can participate in, we have created a few guidelines.  Fitting within these does not guarantee a donation, but it will help move you through the process.

1. We must receive your request at a minimum of 45 days prior to your event.

2. Ideally you will be an organization based in, and working, in our Southern Oregon community.

3. You must be a registered 501c3 organization.

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