Grande Ronde River Rafting

The Grande Ronde River in north-eastern Oregon is an incredible alpine river hidden away in the mountains of this remote corner of the state.  Known for amazing scenery as the river cuts through basalt gorges, the Grande Ronde has world-class fishing, amazing river bench camps and PERFECT rapids for first-time inflatable kayakers.  In fact, many of our guides believe this is the ideal first time inflatable kayaker multi-day trip. So come try out Orange Torpedo Trips newest multi-day river trip.  Spend 3 days in a river canyon without cell phone service and full of wild-life.  Grab your friends for stories around the campfire or games of bocce ball.  The Grande Ronde is a great, quick, 3-day escape so join us this year!

Grande Ronde River

3 days

The Grande Ronde is arguably our best beginner multi-day camping trip. Three days of incredible scenery, great fishing, camping, and whitewater make this a perfect quick escape into one of Oregon's hidden corners.

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