Pre-Trip Orientation Information - Important

Pre-Trip Orientation Video - Everyone going on an OTT trip - PLEASE WATCH

Boat type videos – The following videos are specific orientation videos based on the kind of boat you will be traveling in.  Please watch the video that corresponds with how you intend to go down the river.  If you have any questions about boat types or anything you see in any of these videos please just call us at 541-479-5061.

Inflatable Kayak Orientation Video

Paddle Raft Orientation Video

Oared Raft Orientation Video

Trip Specific Information

Find all of the specific information for your trip on that trips specific page on the website.  Those pages include: Packing lists, trip intineraries, travel information, faq’s, where to meet information, and other helpful tidbits. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us, e-mail us, or find us on the chat feature if it’s currently turned on.