Video Update - 5.17.20

UPDATED 5.17.20

As a member of the Orange Torpedo Trips family we wanted to update you on our upcoming summer in regards to the spreading Covid-19 pandemic.  

First, as you are well aware, we believe the safety of our guests and staff is a top priority for us.  As you are also aware, this situation is evolving quickly with circumstances in flux.  For the best up-to-date information I advise you watch the video above, especially if you have already booked your trip.  If you are looking to book a trip for this summer we strongly advise booking a travel insurance policy immediately after booking your trip and looking into cancel for any reason coverage as that, in most policies, is the only coverage that would cover cancellation for Covid related reasons.

Key Points:

At this point things are looking like a full go in June-October.  We appreciate things could change but in both Oregon and Idaho the states are working to responsibly open and we are very confident we will be running trips in both states all summer.

Private day trips are available.  If you would feel more comfortable on a trip with just your group, we have a private option on almost every done in a day trip.

New protocols have been put in place for the summer.  We are just finishing and starting to train towards our new protocols for the summer in relation to Covid-19.  We expect these protocols to likely evolve and change throughout the summer as the advice from local, state and federal officials evolves but as of today we feel very comfortable and confident in our plans of operations.

Expect a verbal screening when you arrive for your trip.  If you are booked with us you will receive more info about this but all clients will be required to pass a verbal screening upon arrival before being allowed to join a trip.

On all trips please arrive with a face covering.  You will not be required to wear at all times but when we are in vehicles and potentially when on rafts where full 6ft social distancing is challenging, we will require face coverings to be worn.  We are working to have neck gators available for sale that will meet our requirements.

Some trips will have a car shuttle option to prevent the need to ride in our vans.  If this service is available we recommend you strongly consider it.  We most strongly encourage this on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River.  For $125 we can shuttle your car from the launch point to the takeout so you never need to ride in our van.

Final thoughts

While we are all going through turbulent and unpredictable times now we are hopeful about this upcoming summer and believe that our 51st season is going to be a wonderful one floating the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, including the Rogue, Salmon and many others. We are looking forward to splashing through waves, soaking in the sun, and escaping to the remote, un-populated places of the Pacific Northwest with you.

About our industry: The vast majority of outdoor travel businesses, like this one, are small family type businesses of people doing something they love.  While this unprecedented event impacts industries across the spectrum it has the potential to uniquely impact travel based businesses.  Please help ensure your favorite companies are around to adventure with you in the future by delaying your trips instead of cancelling them.  Even consider booking trips for 2021 now to help your favorite small outfitters.  Like buying a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, this will help make sure these businesses are around to serve you when this is all over.