Rogue River Rafting and Hiking Shuttles

A key part of any or Rogue River rafting or trail hiking trip is the shuttle. If you are heading down, either on foot hiking the trail or on your rear floating the canyon, you will need your vehicle moved from where you start to where you will concluded. Whether you are doing a 1/2 day trip or a 6-day trip on the Rogue River we have you covered.


When you book your shuttle PLEASE SELECT YOUR LAUNCH DATE when selecting a date on the calendar.

Single Day Shuttles

Single Day Car Shuttle $35

This is the easiest type of shuttle if you have your own equipment and just want us to move your vehicle from where you put on the river to where you plan on taking out. The two most common shuttles on the 1-day section are from Hog Creek to Argo or Ennis to Argo. If you plan to rent equipment, this is a great shuttle option if you have a vehicle capable of carrying the equipment you rent.

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Multi Day Shuttles

Car Shuttle – Wild and Scenic Rogue River to Foster Bar $125

If you are rafting or hiking through the Wild and Scenic Rogue River canyon from Grave Creek to Foster Bar/Illahe, this is your shuttle. We will pick up your car from your launch point the day you launch, keep it in our fenced parking lot and drop it off at Foster Bar or Illahe some time before you come out. Prices are dependent on the road we are able to take.

Typically we are driving the coast from mid-Feb when we start shuttles for the year through late April or early May.  Then we are usually driving Eden Valley from late April through Memorial day.  From then on we are usually driving Bear Camp until we stop offering shuttles in mid to late November.  IF YOU WANT SHUTTLES IN DECEMBER-FEB give us a call.  That time of year we won’t do them with groups of less than 4 cars, but if you have a group of 4 or more cars we can do them that time of year.

Bear Camp – $125

Eden Valley – $175

Coast Route – $250



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Rogue Recreation Section – Multi-day $50

Doing a two-day trip between Robertson Bridge and Grave Creek?  This is the shuttle for you.  For those doing the multi-day trip in the popular single day trip area (which is a great trip), we can help you out.  Launch from Robertson Bridge and we will pick your car up that day and store it in our lot.  Then the next day we will drop it at Grave Creek (the last takeout above the Wild and Scenic) before you arrive.

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Disclaimer – Wild and Scenic Shuttles – While we strive to store vehicles at our shop, inside our gated and lit up lot,  for the entirety of your trip and drop them off at Foster Bar the day you come out of the canyon, that is not always realistic and vehicles do get dropped at Foster Bar early at times. Foster Bar does have an on-site full time caretaker and has historically been a safe place for vehicles to be stored. We always pick up cars at their put-in the day you launch