Salmon River Rafting Whitewater Rafting Trips

Rafting on the Salmon River in Idaho is unlike anywhere else in the United States. As the longest un-dammed river in the U.S. and flowing through the lower 48s largest wilderness area, rafting trips on the Salmon River take kayakers and rafters on a whitewater vacation un-matched in wildlife, scenery, or adventure. Rafting and kayaking trips in late June or early July are typically going to have bigger waves as this river is strictly controlled by snow melt. Salmon River rafting trips in later July or August are usually accompanied by less powerful rapids and warmer water.

If you are looking for a bigger river vacation we have a couple wonderful options for you.  The Grand Canyon of the Salmon trip floats through the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states.  This is our premier adventure.  The Canyons of the Lower Salmon is a little shorter, has incredible camping, and is very possibly the best trip in the country for kids ages 5-15.  Finally, we also have two and three day options on the Salmon River for those looking for something a little shorter.

For those looking for a single day whitewater rafting trip on the Salmon River we have you covered as well.  We run full and half-day trips on the Salmon River out of the Riggins Idaho, known as the “whitewater capital” of Idaho.  These trips have some incredible rapids and make for one of the best day trips not only in Idaho but in ANY state.

Main Salmon – Grand Canyon of Idaho

6 days

The Main Salmon, “River of No Return,” as it is known in Idaho is truly the Grand Canyon of the Gem State. This gorge, deeper than the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, is filled with thrilling whitewater, breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and spectacular camping. If you want to truly escape it all, grab your family, friends, and join us for 6 days in the heart of America’s largest wilderness!

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Lower Salmon Canyons

3 or 4 days

The Lower Salmon River is our premier family camping trip. With warm water, great weather, and perfect whitewater for both the adults and kids, the Lower Salmon River is simply as good as it gets for taking the kids camping and rafting. Check out this trip and start getting the sunscreen ready, you're going to need it. Trips are 3 or 4 days.

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Salmon River Intro to river camping

2 days

The Salmon River is a world famous river destination but many of the trips on the longest un-damned river in the country are just too long for many people. This two-day escape is perfect for anyone looking to have a quick escape, learn to inflatable kayak or just get the kids out sleeping under the stars. Join us for two days your family will always remember, rafting the Salmon River and sleeping on a beach, riverside.

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Salmon River Thrill Seeker

1 day

Paddle an inflatable kayak in the easier whitewater of the morning and take on the bigger rapids of the afternoon with your friends in a group paddle raft. This is the way to travel for anyone who wants all of the experiences in one incredible day on the Salmon River.

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Salmon River Full Day Rafting Trip

1 day

Spending some time in Riggins or McCall Idaho and need a day of fun on the river? We have the perfect river trip for you. Learn to paddle an inflatable kayak or splash in a raft on the thrilling Riggins section of the Salmon River. Start the morning off in calmer water mastering your craft before taking on the bigger whitewater in the afternoon. Our skilled guides teach you everything you need to know so you can take on the rapids. Riding on a raft or learning to paddle an inflatable kayak, either way the whitewater of the Salmon River will give you a day to remember.

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Salmon River 1/2 Day Rafting Trips

1/2 day

Escape to Riggins, "the whitewater capital of Idaho" for an action packed half-day of whitewater, swimming and incredible scenery in the rugged Salmon River canyon. Paddle with your friends on a paddle raft, ride while someone rows, or paddle an inflatable kayak down the action packed and world famous Riggins half-day. Come in the early season for the, "Big Water Half-day" or the standard summer for the family friendly trip.

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What our guests have to say...

Reviewed by WonderCarm on August 24, 2014

“River Adventure”

Orange Torpedo guides are number UNO! Knowledgeable, skilled, perpared, and fun. The Salmon River Legacy Lodge trip met and exceeded my expectations; exhilarating days on the river, hospitable evenings in the lodges.