Groups with Kids Scouts, Schools, Church Groups, Teams

We strongly believe kids need time in the outdoors exploring and going on adventures so we love to help out any organization working to get kids outside.  If you are a school group, church group, scouting group or any non-profit working to get kids outside give us a call and we can help you.  We offer special pricing to these kinds of organizations in our effort to get kids outside and help them fall in love with rivers.

Day Trips: We offer a number of single day trips which can be great for a variety of groups with kids of different ages.  We have trips ranging from Class IV adventures to Class II trips perfect for the little folks.  We can make sure your group has the perfect half-day escape or a full day adventure with lunch included.  Groups from six people to 100 people can be accommodated so call us today and let us know about your group and we will work with you to come up with something GREAT!

Multi-day trips: This is typically Scouting groups and church groups and we have a number of trips popular with these kinds of organizations.  We strongly recommend either the Klamath River in northern California or the Canyons of the Lower Salmon in Idaho. These trips, two, three or four days, are camping trips on rivers that are great for kids.  Both are known for warm water, beginner friendly rapids, great camping, and good weather.   Multi-day trips we can accommodate groups from 6 people to 30 people so let give us a call, tell us about your group, and we will help you find the perfect trip.

Below is the list of our most popular trips for these kinds of groups.  Please give us a call at 541-479-5061 and we will help your group get the perfect trip.


Klamath Wild and Scenic 3-day

3 days

The Klamath river is a destination where stories are created. Stories of high adventure, seeking out big waves and challenging rapids during May and June. However, late June, July and August are all about building those family memories with the younger kids. Memories swimming in the warm water, sitting around the campfire, and paddling together through the whitewater which will be cherished for a lifetime. Learn about the Klamath River and come build your own stories with us!

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Lower Salmon Canyons

3 or 4 days

The Lower Salmon River is our premier family camping trip. With warm water, great weather, and perfect whitewater for both the adults and kids, the Lower Salmon River is simply as good as it gets for taking the kids camping and rafting. Check out this trip and start getting the sunscreen ready, you're going to need it. Trips are 3 or 4 days.

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Rogue River Hellgate Tour – Full Day

1/2 or 1 day

Our most kid-friendly whitewater rafting trip, the Rogue River 1-day trip, located just outside of Grants Pass, is southern Oregon's most popular 1-day river rafting trip. Perfect for the kids 4 and up with plenty of class II rapids and opportunities to swim and splash. This Rogue River raft trip includes a riverside lunch, plenty of swimming, and beautiful scenery.

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Rogue Nugget Falls

1/2 day

If you need a few hours of adrenaline pumping white water rafting fun on the Rogue River this is your trip. Get ready to crash through big holes at Nugget Falls, surf the raft at Lineman's, and cascade over Powerhouse Falls to end the day. This trip is only offered in paddle rafts exclusively and is generally reserved for people 8 years old and up.

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Payette River 1/2 Day Rafting

1/2 day

It is hot and the river is the perfect temperature. Join us for a half-day of whitewater thrills, swimming, and riverside snacks. With our variety of boat options this trip is perfect for the family with kids in rafts or the adventure seekers looking to challenge themselves in our inflatable kayaks. We offer this trip twice a day and it is the perfect quick river escape so come out and join us today.

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Salmon River Full Day Rafting Trip

1 day

Spending some time in Riggins or McCall Idaho and need a day of fun on the river? We have the perfect river trip for you. Learn to paddle an inflatable kayak or splash in a raft on the thrilling Riggins section of the Salmon River. Start the morning off in calmer water mastering your craft before taking on the bigger whitewater in the afternoon. Our skilled guides teach you everything you need to know so you can take on the rapids. Riding on a raft or learning to paddle an inflatable kayak, either way the whitewater of the Salmon River will give you a day to remember.

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